Think of Liverpool Bournemouth Team Need Not Fear

Think of Liverpool Bournemouth Team Need Not Fear

Think of Liverpool Bournemouth Team Need Not Fear

Think of Liverpool Bournemouth Team Need Not Fear

Bournemouth Liverpool bad rate currently Bournemouth confidence boost ahead of the English League Cup quarter-finals. Teams that have become the Championship Division standings optimistic to overthrow the Reds.

Bournemouth will faces a Liverpool in League Cup quarterfinal round on Thursday (12/18/2014) pm dawn in Goldsands Stadium. On paper, Bournemouth who play in the Championship less favored.

However, team manager Eddie Howe is optimistic that could damage theory. He will take advantage of the Reds were being battered in the Premier League and Champions League. Already then, their status of the host.

Given the pace this season Bournemouth, Liverpool deserved to be vigilant. They were good-good with there at the top of the Championship. The team nicknamed The Cherries are also statistically as a team has the sharpest of the four divisions of English football competition by making 44 goals from 21 matches.

We are not afraid. We still respect for Liverpool but I guess we do not need to be afraid of anyone,” Howe said as quoted by the Mirror.

Part of our blueprint is positive thinking and approach every game with the attack. I feel this game will not make any difference.

“Right now the players are in high confidence in this team’s goals and to rousing success. You need the confidence to keep the pace of the team,” said 37-year-old manager.

Howe also advised the foster children to unaffected related media coverage of Liverpool‘s poor form lately. Because, however, ‘The Redhas a manager and a squad that is okay.

The reaction to the appearance of Liverpool is currently too much. However, they are still a team with top quality. With the management and coaches are very great, and the great players,” England‘s hope the original manager.

We look forward to the game with the best conditions that we had and great luck,” explained Howe.